Saturday, August 28, 2010

Consistency in Parenting (2)

A previous section also discusses consistency in parenting.  This section will look at it from a slightly different angle.
Many poor behaviors are caused at least in part by poor and inconsistent schedules, rules, and parenting. 

The more inconsistent the sleep schedule the more difficult it is to get a consistent good night's rest.  Insufficient sleep causes physical and mental stress.  It will negatively effect both your behavior and your child's behavior.

Regular consistent moderate healthy meals help both you and your children think more clearly and have the energy to acomplish what you need to get done, learn what you and they need to learn and think clearly, and also helps to reduce stress. 

Consistent rules help you and your children understand and keep boundaries.  As children grow and mature, the rules and boundaries will likely change and some may relax as children learn responsibility and act accordingly.  Rules also need to be consistent across adult caretakers; however, I have rarely seen it ruin a child's life when grandma and grandpa bend the rules, if only slightly, and in less critical areas.  (I'm serious when I say though, only slightly.)

People (Same People with consistent behavior)
Consistent adults are extremely important, especially for young children.  There is double meaning to this.  Children need to develop attachment, when they are younger, to a few nurturing adults.  Those adults need to be consistently nurturing in their behavior towards the child and towards each other.  This does not mean that appropriate boundaries, limits, and expectations can not be set.  They should be.  Positive discipline should be used when needed; however the overall attitude should continue to be nurturing.

Change amid consistency:
As your children grow and mature (including in responsibility), rules and schedules will need to be adjusted; however the core values you are attempting to teach and instill in them will remain the same...or as you continue to mature and grow in wisdom, your values may (and perhaps hopefully will) be raised to higher and higher levels.

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