Thursday, July 8, 2010

BEGINNINGS: Chapter 6: Consistency in Parenting


Consistency is essential in parenting: Consistent love and appropriate affection, consistent rules, consistent and appropriate instruction and discipline (including follow-through), consistent routines, consistent people, consistent enriching but not over stimulating environments, and positive traditions.

As children grow in security they can tolerate increasing variability in environments and activities; however, consistency in other areas remains a staple of good parenting.

Sometimes there are times of trial and chaos; however, keeping as much consistency as possible in the midst of these troubling times remains critical for children.

We can do a great deal to provide consistency for children, even in the times of imbalance.

“The balance of nature itself teaches us the principle of times and seasons. There are times in our lives where balance is imbalance”.

Steven R Covey

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Lauren said...

What if a loving parent lives far away from from his or her child and only gets to see their child a few times out of the year, does that have a negative effect on the child? What are some ways to provide consistency to a young child who lives in a different state? Different country? Sometimes consistency is hard to provide for the child.