Monday, November 8, 2010

Better and more effective intervention for much less money, commonly as little as 20% of what is often currently being spent.

Evidence Based Family Centered Practice, sometimes called Coaching and sometimes provided through P.L.A.Y.; but which comes in many effective and proven forms and models, which include contextualized routine based intervention is very often the most effective and cost efficient intervention for children with developmental disabilities and/or mental health concerns. All of these variations require extensive family involvement and responsibility; but generally speaking only minor alterations in environment and schedule, especially for parents who normally wish to spend both quality and quantity time with their children. The biggest difference isn’t so much of what you do; but how you do it, and how you interact to enhance your child’s best behavior, functional skills, and relationships.

Frequently the best intervention to accomplish these outcomes is through consultation and education with limited direct interaction between the therapist and the child and more interaction between the parent and child with some observation, consultation, and even demonstration on the part of the therapist.

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