Monday, July 12, 2010

Creativity and Parenting

Creativity is not only important for children; but for you as well. It reduces stress, builds self-efficacy (an important precursor to healthy self-esteem) and expands the mind, helping to build important problem solving skills. When creative activities are done together, where the child’s personal creativity and choices are fostered and honored (within safety parameters) healthy attachment and bonding are further developed and solidified.
There are too many ways to develop creativity than can be mentioned here; however some include simple building blocks, coloring, or even building sand castles or making mud pies. Making cookies, candies, cakes, and casseroles and crafts are also a way to develop and exhibit creativity. Some creative ideas will be included above. More information will be provided under Stress Management.

One year when our children were young we decided to do something different for Christmas. Instead of a Christmas tree in the living room, we got a few discarded appliance boxes from local stores and butcher paper and created a nativity scene in the living room. It was a great creative/bonding experience for our children and myself.

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