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Encourage but do not force exploration. Warmly receive a child’s natural safety checks through your own reassurance and love and assure your own safety oversight.

I have often heard the words from parents s/he is such a good baby/child. S/he never cries, just lies there, quietly stays in his/her play pen without making a fuss. Never wonders off. Never gets into anything.

While it is never fun to have a baby who cries all the time or a toddler who is always getting into things and/or getting hurt, I cringe when I hear parents talk about their GOOD, always quiet, non-curious, and/or non-exploring baby/child.

Of course, you want to make sure your child is safe and child proofing and making your home as safe as possible as well as keeping a close eye on your child is essential.

Safety is always first; however, children fall on their bottom when they are learning to walk and get littlie owies and boo boos as they learn and explore. This is natural. The key is to keep your child safe without overdoing it.

Children will naturally explore, checking back to make sure you are still there for them, reaching out and exploring further and further as they discover and learn. This is an essential part of the learning and maturing process.

As your children continue to explore and discover the world around them, the values, skills, and efficacy you have taught and instilled in them, the firm and healthy attachment you have developed, or not, will have a profound effect, or will manifest as a profound void.

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In either the Google Parenting or Google Scholar Search Engine below: Children, Curiosity, and Exploration.

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