Monday, June 14, 2010

Who I least a little of who I am.


State Employment

► Subject Matter Expert: Developmental Disabilities

► Expert/Instructor: Plan, Goal, and Objective writing

► Expert/Instructor: Community Collaboration

► Early Intervention Specialist

► Appointed: Governor’s Coordinating Council for Families and Children. Member Executive Committee

► Program Manager

► Child Protection supervisor

► Children’s Mental Health supervisor

► Children's Developmental Disabilities Supervisor

Counseling Center: (Feb. 1991-June 1993)

► Psychotherapist: Children and Families

► Director: Children’s Crisis Team

► MANDT (crisis intervention) instructor

State of Utah: Self-Sufficiency Counselor (for adults with disabilities)

(There were a number of articles written in the Deseret News and a national publication on my work and program.)

Additional Experience

► Chair: North West Regional Summit on Youth

► Chair: Madison County Community Council

► Chair: Lewis Clark Coalition for Families and Youth

► Chair: Upper Valley Center for Domestic Violence


Brigham Young University: M.Ed. Educational Psychology, (Aug. 1990)

Additional Education

Ricks College

Seattle Pacific University

Eastern Washington University


Anonymous said...

Hi, when reading your credentials I was happy to find you worked for Child Protection Services. Most employees in my state, CT are not there to help the parents. You are doing such a wonderful service providing this course and I am so thankful for it. I could not find one locally and it is one of my steps to get my daughter back. Thank you again.

CR Petersen said...

I hope the court or organization where you need to show you are completing parenting classes will accept these classes.

CR Petersen said...

You need to double check with the court or child protection to see if these will be accepted.