Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BEGINNINGS Chapter 2. Association vs. Isolation

Association includes associating with positive supports outside the home as well as amongst the family within the home.
Play together, eat together, read together, learn together, work together, and talk together. If you believe in God, pray together.
This will be discussed in greater detail under Supports and Resilience.


Sometimes very simple solutions can have a profound impact. Decades ago a research study was published which stated that one visit a month from someone outside the family reduced the occurrence or likelihood of child abuse by 50%. I will add that the person needs to be a mentally healthy positive role model. Since that time there has been a great deal of research to corroborate those findings; however, it’s not just child abuse. Depression, general mental health, and healthy child development are assisted and supported by positive involvement from individuals and organizations outside the home and immediate family.  This includes involvement with these individuals through school, church, and outside activities, as well as inviting these people into your home.

Key Words:

Through Google Scholar below, use the key words: "Isolation Child Abuse"; "Isolation Depression"; Isolation Domestic Violence

Supplemental Material:

Supported Play Date Interactions Between Children With Autism and Typically Developing Peers

BYU study finds relationships help you live longer

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Beth said...

Those statistics are quite amazing! One would think that just about every family has at least one person visit monthly, but then I thought of the name of the heading "Isolation." So obviously there are some families that do not have this.