Monday, June 14, 2010

Safety First

Safety First

When our oldest daughter was old enough to start watching her siblings for short periods of time I would always tell her that her first responsibility was safety, her second responsibility was peace and her third responsibility was any chores that needed to be done.

As a parent you have a similar hierarchy. Safety is always your first responsibility and even though most of the time you can place peace next in your hierarchy of importance, sometimes teaching has to come before peace; but safety always comes first.

Be careful not to sacrifice peace by trying to do everything at once or by putting wants before needs. It can be easy to neglect what’s most important while trying to do everything. For some it can even become and excuse, “see, I’ve done all these things…and it’s still not better.” Activity alone never replaces doing the right, sometimes hard, thing.

While this book is about raising healthy, happy, self-reliant, responsible, productive children, it is also about peace in the home and family.

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