Thursday, July 4, 2013

Video Games Desensitize to Real Violence | Psych Central News

Video Games Desensitize to Real Violence | Psych Central News: New research has found exposure to violent video games can desensitize individuals to real-life violence. According to the investigators, this is first documented finding that video-games can alter physiological responses typically aroused by real violence


Connie said...

I think it makes so much sense that violent video games have a desenitizing effect on people to cause real life violence. You live what you learn. There seems to be so much more violence at the hands of younger people, even kids.

Susanne Fullerton said...

I think that when kids play violent video games it takes away from true violence that happens in the real world ... When they are faces with a tragedy they don't feel as they should it doesn't phase them the same way because they are used to seeing violence in the video games they have been playing.

Bridgette Mockwitz said...

I think that violence can play a part in a child's life because they see it. I believe that it shows them violence is okay and that if if was happening around them that they would think its normal